614-837-6266            Carroll,  Ohio



I'm committed to providing you excellent personal service from a fellow bike enthusiast.


Nearly all of my business comes from word of mouth from bike enthusiasts and dealerships that trust me and know the caliber of work I maintain in every project. My years of outstanding high quality work I give to every customer give me a healthy stream of work from riders who know they can count on me in a variety of issues that keep them from riding. My prices are fair, and I keep my word.

Getting you on the road.


I've been riding and getting others back on the road for many years. I'm a card carrying member of the Goldwing Road Rider's Association.


Riding is my passion, and making sure other riders can keep doing  what they love is my pleasure.

Whatever your problem may be, my price, work, and turnaround will always be honest. I do this because I love doing it, not because I can take advantage of someone's problem.